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New Hampshire State Laws [8/3/04]

Type in "Motorcycle with Sidecar" at this site:
Just a few examples:
Sidecar Light:
Sidecar defined:
Laned Roadway:
Riding upon MC:
MC License:
Protective Headgear:
Eye and Face Protection:
Motorcycle Noise Levels:

Muffler; Prevention of Noise:
Paragraph III: The New Hampshire legislature repealed this in its entirety, effective June 16, 2004
Does this also nulify the Motorcycle Noise Levels? Guess NOT !!! LOL
8/3/04 Concord Monitor "Motorcyclists ticketed for excessively loud bikes "

I did a search on New Hampshire RSA's (State laws) on sidecars. Nothing new,except this one:

Section 266:76
266:76 Motorcycle with Sidecar. – Every motorcycle equipped with a sidecar, when on the ways of this state at night, shall display 2 lighted lamps on the front as required for motor vehicles.
Source. 1921, 119:6. PL 103:7. RL 119:11. RSA 263:21. 1981, 146:1, eff. Jan. 1, 1982

It turns out out that I am breaking the law! I only have one headlight (on the bike) I would need another light at no less then 24 inches from the ground and no higher then 52 inches. Of course the laws make no mention of where on the front of the rig the second light goes, oh well. 🙂

Well, when I bought my first HD (used) sidecar it had an old tractor light jury riged to the right front leaf spring. Got behind some ole duffer (I'm almost there myself) thought he was going to run off the road. Figured out that it must of been that light on the spring jumping up and down, like a flashing spotlight. LOL
My next move, I bought one of the HD spotlights (has a swivel base) and mounted to the sidecar step (Ginger our dog doesn't need it).
Dealer set up the 2000 HD sidecar and mounted the Spoplight on the fender bracket! LOL It sure lit up the tall trees, not much good for lighting the road. Had them order a new fender since they took the strentgh out of the bracket. Found an old light bracket that fit perfectly over two of the spring bolts (put in longer ones) and swung out for mounting the light. 42" from center of bikes head light and 14.5" from the ground. LOL
Report me!!!
Did you find your way to Sarge's Sat?

The light thing is well - strange. Thinking I should go out and get a bicycle light. The type that was driven off a small generator that was placed in contact with a wheel. That way I can put the generator on the hack wheel 🙂 . "Well officer, it does comply with the law, I just need to keep moving to make it shine. Nothing in the rules about that sir."

Yes I did make it up to Sarge's. Took the easy way straight down 202, not a bad ride. Chilly when I started, warmed up touching 80 by the time I got there. There were about eight rigs there, had a good time but I had to leave early as I had a evening appointment to make that day. Will try to go back next month using a different route.