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Hi Spymaster, glad to hear from you, I wanted to go to the Blessing of the bikes but forgot about it and had to get my yard work done and my kids had soccer games, so I had a plate full this weekend. It would be nice to go to the skunk gathering but I don`t think I will be able to make that one. My handle "jetaddict" is because I Fly Radio Controlled model Jets and go to shows around the country to Jet rally`s or meets. its kind of a second hobby I have, RC quarter scale models I have been flying for about 20 years or so, a lot of fun, anyway, Hope to get in some riding and get the feel of this side hack and Hope to get togther some time I would like to get to the bean blossom but will have to wait and see. well take care and hope everything goes well with your situation......... Steve from Montrose.