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jay! hello! yes, it's me; the work you did on my rig was superb - she tracks much better now and i haven't had any more mounts break or strain. not for lack of trying, either! since having the mounts re-engineered i've put many more miles on the rig and done a fair amount of bouncing around off-road. i'm thinking about coming back to have you adjust me a bit heavier on the sidecar. i actually remembered to write down the date for the un-rally in yakima so i have high hopes of making it this year. where/how do i get registration information? also, do you ever do the bigfoot rally in bc?

We will be at Yakima this year of course, We also do many things with the Big Foot sidecar club. My shop foreman is VP of the club and one its founders. The Big Foot sidecar club will also be helping us host the 2005 USCA national which will be some where in the west is all I have commited to. So I am open for sugestions as to where we should hold the 2005 National.
Jay Giese
Dauntless Motors Corporation

Olympic Peninsula gets my vote! but then, i'm mightily prejudiced. and it's pretty much the antithesis of "centrally located".

perhaps somewhere in the Rogue River Valley area of Oregon?

i'd vote for somewhere in mid oregon to be fair for us california people and the washington people


Hi spymaster! I just finished my rig and have a little over 1,000 miles on it I have pics under jetaddict in the albums. I have given my Mother of 65 years of age a ride in it and she thought it was fabulous, my kids really like it, I really enjoy the rig and thought about joining usca and get to some of the rallys even the Bean Blossom, but will have to see, I went on the "Run for the SON" to the Capital of Lansing for Prayers, with some friends of mine that belong to the "CMA" (Christain Motorcycle Association), and it rained most of the time but we really had a great time, I was one of two Hacks that were there, I think there were maybe 300 bikes there we had Police escort to the Capital that was neat, anyway maybe we can hook up some time I live in Montrose, Mi. and my Email is and looking to get more riding in, so take care Steve.........Montrose

Praise the Lord! & Howdy Steve!You have an interesting handle. I would go to the ambums but I have tried several times and I never seem to get where I want to go. I have almost given up trying. I tried several times to get a basic set of instructions but no soap. I am very glad that you palitically active. I have worked for the US Postal Service and the Hatch Act prevented me having liberty. Now I have my own opinions on politians.Great on having your rig on the road! I live in Evart MI and went to the 32 annual Blessing Of the Bikes and there was over 10,000 bikes there. I saw about 10 sidecar rigs inclyding mine.I an in the process of getting my SOUL restored. Read Psalm 23 verce 3. I was toast, but Jesus IS IN THE RESTORATION "business!I will put your email address in my book and I do like to talk!I whan to go to Bean Blosem ..... i will bring my dog Toby ...if I can!Peace to ya!, Spymaster .... aka Bob

I hope you boys (and girls) from Michigan can make it to the first ever SKUNK Rally in Cameron, WI June 4-6.

I hope to be there .... That depends how quickly I heal up after some surgery.There were over 35,000 souls at the Blessing of the Bikes in Baldwin MI. It seems to be getting bigger every year. I still did not purchase a set of chaps. I finally got my sidecar rig properly mounted! Hallauah!Spymaster.

I had chaps. I stopped wearing them at the insistance of a friend who was once an ER physician. He started telling me horror stories of lost limbs and chaps catching on bits and pieces on the highway. I bought a pair of leather bibs and found them to be much more comfortable and my doctor friend is happier. BTW, he rides with an Aerostich suit.

I have checked out the leather bibs .... $350 is a bit spendy HOWEVER, I am getting closer to shelling out the bucks for the good bibs! Stone Lake Leather Works is close to the Skunk hack site,thanks for the advice Mike.I do ware BIBS most of the time (rather gean pants).My real concern is that I will be healed in time .... I have been bleading for 3 months now. I will have more information after the first of the month.Pleace Spymaster