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New Forum

I've been getting a lot of emails lately from people wanting to know if there are any members near them interested in riding together. I've decided to add this Forum so you can find out for yourselves. Just post your request or idea for a ride and see who responds. You might be surprised and find someone just around the corner.

Goly Gee, I am in centeral Michigan and I am close coose to completing my first Sidecar rig. I have a Spirit sidecar with a 1980 Yamaha 650 for a tug. If it ever gets warm again, I will be looking for someone to ride with me! I am close to 70 and I am just getting with sidecars! I plan to camp .... I will have my companion toby with me for ballast. He is a beagle looking dog with a curly tale. He does does know that he is a dog with DOGGLES! Talk to me!Spymaster

Ok there Spymaster,here ya go Mid Michigan BMW Touring Club They Advertise that ALL BRANDS WELCOME TRIKES AND SIDECARS TOO!!! 810-767-4593.......or try this

i've seen a few rigs terrorizing the streets around here and thought i'd run up my flag and see if anyone responds.

i'm the one manhandling the green honda 550 with a black spirit eagle clamped alongside - ususally occupied by a big orange dog.

there are four or five of us (two girls, two or three boys) who go on scenic rides 'round places like the olympic peninsula, mt rainier, the north cascade loop, etc. i'm the only one with a rig, however; the others are two-wheelers. we do both day-rides and overnighters (with tents, not motels).

if anyone else would like to be notified when a ride is in the works, drop me a line and i'll add you to my list. dudes, chicks, two wheels, three wheels, rat bikes and babied machines; all are welcome. no one is dissed.

however, please note: people who insist on pushing the twisties are encouraged to look elsewhere for a riding group; we tend to putt, not jet. we brake for pie and fresh seafood and photo ops.

reen at earthling dot net.

Howdy!I am member 6773 also know as Bob.I see that you have a Spirit in the same power range as I do ---- 650 cc .Please tell me how much ballast use, NO ballist, or X amount of ballast. Mine seems to better with less and lest ballist all the time. I have been just setting my rig up and I am new to sidecar usage. At one time I had 65 Lb of ballast under the sidecar wheel. I now use about 25 Lb of LEAD but I am thinking about even removing that.Thank you kindly.Bob

Hi Reen.
I assume that you are the person we remounted the Spirit Eagle for after the frame on the bike broke due to poor mounting some time in its past.
Any way. We will be at the Govenors run the last weekend this month April 30- May 1st at the kitsap county fair grounds. There will be many sidecarsits at this event. Also there is the camp out in Yakima WA at the KOA camp ground. This up coming year will be the 28th year for the event. This is also the first year in many that my wife Tara and I are not the host as we have passed this task off to Chris and Sherry Smith.
Jay Giese
Dauntless Motors Corporation

I am taking the riders class next week, and if all goes well I will get my sidecar in two weeks. Please let me know when you are going on your next ride. PS I am 71 in June and that is too old for your grope just let me know. Please respond to my e-mail address because I just joined and I can't find my mail box. (
Thanks Sandy Swayne

Hi Sandy Swayne!Welcome to the Sicedar club!So you are 71, Dont feel like the Lone Ranger! I will be 70 in a few weeks.I am in centeral Michigan and we hit 70 degrees today. I just mounted a new Brake and Tail Light assy on my sidecar. I got the little fella all wired up,and it it even works!I will put my email address on this thing ..... just in hopes that you would like to talk.My habndle is Spymanster.My name is

Hi Sandy. My wife Tara and I will be at the sidecar class next weekend durring the first day's lunch break at the range as we are delivering a trike we just sold so that the new owner can take the class on here own trike. We will either be riding our K1200LT with our Liberator sidecar on it (the only sidecar made in the USA with sidecar steering) or if the body work comes back from the paint shop we will have our Triumph Tiger painted up like Tigger.
Jay Giese
Dauntless Motors Corporation

hi bob! my bike is approximately a 550cc which is more than sufficient for the type of riding i do and the cargo i carry. i usually take my dog with me when i go riding and he weights about 90 lbs. the human passengers i carry weigh anywhere from 110 to 200 lbs. on the rare occasion that i leave the house with no cargo, no dog, no people, i have an army duffel bag all set up and ready to go into the rig. it has about 50 lbs of rocks in it. if i'm going to be picking someone up, i can trade out the duffel and pick it up again when i take my passenger back home. alternately, i can just dump the rocks out of the bag onto the side of the road. no big loss, since i can always hunt up more.

when i ride with no ballast and no cargo whatsoever, the sidecar tends to bounce a lot at speeds of 45mph and up. also, right-hand turns find me standing all my weight on the right footpeg and leaning my center of gravity down and over the sidecar to compensate. on days that are too cold for me to be limber enough to do this, right-hand turns are a 3mph affair.

what kind of sidecar do you pull?