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New build

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Why don't you try buying a body from a builder like SWEET Sidecars in Greenville, SC or Melbourne, Fl.? I would think that would work for you as it did for me. Whichever is closest for you. I bought the body complete with upholstery. Contact Johnny or Eric for pricing.

Yes, that is an option. I hate being defeated and I am a good welder, it’s just the specialized equipment and jigs that I don’t have access to. I am seriously leaning in that direction. The frame and mounting assembly is no problem.

I can understand your thinking. I built the frame and all the attachments myself with help from an expert on how to assemble them so they didn't bend or break. I am 74 and I thought my time was better spent riding than building a body. I found an ad for Sweet sidecars in today's Craigslist. $3485 painted and installed. I'm quite sure he will sell you a body without the frameworks if thats what you want.

Busadave, Turning left with a right hand mount hack is always going to take more effort than turning right. Reducing the trail on your front end will greatly reduce the steering effort in both directions.

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