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Need new windscreen for sidecar

Hello.  The windshield on our Hannigan Super Sport got broken and we need to replace it. Does anyone know where we can get one?  If we can access one we should be able to get it fitted locally.  We live south of Tucson AZ, but the Hannigan dealer in Phoenix/Gilbert were not able to help us. 

Thanks, Jennie and Gary. 

You could go directly to Hannigan.  Their phone # 270-753-4256.  They're located at 4044 US Hwy 641, Murray, KY 42071.

As an alternative, you can try Gustafsson Plastics.  904-824-3443 or  Gustafsson makes screens for a large number of bikes and as far as I know, they are the only AFTER MARKET maker of sidecar screens. They may or may not have a screen for your sidecar.  I bought a screen from them to an EML sidecar and it worked fine.

Al Olme

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Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

Thank you, Al. I'll make calls tomorrow.

Go directly to Hannigan . They mold their own in shop. Cool machine they have.