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Need Help Identifying a car

Recently picked up a sidecar locally and would love to know the manufacturer, year, model, etc - please go to my personal web page, to see pics and email id - Please respond to my personal email ID as I am new to the forum software. Thanking you in advance for sharing your knowledge...

This is a very common sidecar. It has been made by at least 5 companies. With the frame you have it is most likley a Spirit Eagle sidecar. The company was bought out or became California sidecar. California sold it as the Companion but on a different chassis. They still make a version of it (very much modified) called the Companion GT. Texas sidecars makes another version of it. There is even a company that puts a second wheel on the left side and makes it as a trailer.
This is a fine sidecar for light weight bikes but not really suited for heavy bikes. The mounting system is a bit crude. When we mount these sidecars we do so by first throwing out all of the mounting hardware that came with it.
Jay Giese
Dauntless Motors Corporation