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Need a source for clevis bolt.

Wondering if anyone know where I can get these at a reasonable price. Maybe it's just me. But $80 seems excessive.



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Yes, contact:

He is very good to work with, and prices are much more reasonable.

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The guy selling that clevis bolt on ebay is the same guy in florida that sells CSC new old stock parts. His prices are higher than a Cat's A$$. Taking advantage of Supply and demand I guess. There aint all that much demand, but they aint making any more CSC bits.   I would check with Texas Sidecars, they may have some clevis mounts .


Mcmaster-Carr has them also.


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Grainger would have it as well. Grainger Industrial Supply - MRO Products, Equipment and Tools

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Sorry I haven't replied. I was having log in issue's.


The only thing about the ones from Mcmaster-Carr, and Grainger is they are a lot shorter.


My strut body was trashed anyway so I came up with a work around, so to speak.


My buddy has a hot rod/machine shop. He builds drag car that are $$$$$. He had some struts lying around. They were actually too long.  So we machined off some off each end and was able to make them work. I was then able to use the shorter clevis bolts from Mcmaster-Carr. The neat thing is these have a left and right threads. So I don't have to remove any bolts to adjust them. Just loosen the jamb nuts and use an adjustable wrench on the strut body.


The good thing is the struts were free. I also got all 4 clevis bolts for the price of just 1 csc one.





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Glad to see you were able to get it worked out 

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