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NE3-Wheelers Club Annual Summer Campout & 10th Anniversary Shindig!

On July 7-9, Northeast Three Wheelers Sidecar/ Trike Club will host their Annual Summer Campout at Travelers Woods of New England Campground, River Road in Bernardston, MA[413]648-9105.
BUT, this year it's coupled with our 10th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION! Even though t'was actually 1 April, members voted to combine Summer Campout and Birthday Bash; thus many more members can participate, since some must travel great distances to do so[and we ain't gittin' any younger, LOL]!
Riding the open road with a very special destination...tent-camping..the Great Outdoors..Good Food!..checking out the cool transportation..tire kicking..getting a few great photos for the memories..seeing old friends again..comraderie..sharing stories, jokes, old times around our traditional evening campfire[fire conditions permitting, of course]..the ambience.......
These things are what make our Annual Summer Shindig so Special to us and this year, our Birthday, too! Some can only attend on a Day Trip and THAT'S OK, too[and they also have sites for BIG campers]!
For more information or questions: Please go to our Yahoo Groups web site[join Yahoo Groups FREE, if not a member already]: Type in their Home Page Search Box: NE3WheelersClub [with NO spaces]to reach our Group.
TTFN and RIDE SAFE...Tom aka papasmurf in NH [newsletter editor]