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National Ural Rally Day.

Folks the servers and I are in Macon, Ga. That witch Irma is heading our way. Our utilities are almost all above ground, so I will lose power at some point Monday. That means the site will be down. As soon as power and internet are restored, it will be back up. Thank you all who participated!

Information about registration will be in the upcoming Informer!
Look for it.

After the Informer comes out, will post the links everywhere for the few who foolishly do not get the Informer delivered to their in box...
Everybody has to register to have results recorded and recognition.It's easy. Only takes a few clicks and very little typing.
If you are new to the National Ural Rally Day, just a little more typing but very easy.
Download and print the Rally and Bonus pack after registering.
Can make changes to your registration info as well, please verify your email address.
That is the only way we can contact you to let you know you won something!

After the rally, come back to the same link to enter your results! Remember to upload your pictures and videos to your favorite place for those things. A place is provided in the results page to tell folks where to look! Results will be verified, steps have been taken to prevent tampering.

And yes, in the name of fairness, the exact same post is being made everywhere...

Registration is open!

BTW, this is open to all sidecars and motorcycles. More fun/challenging on a Ural, lots of things are, but I digress! I've done it on my HD rig... Head to the site, grab a rally score sheet and see if this might be something that would be fun to you and some friends. If so, register, rack up some points, who knows, might win some swag from Ural. They have some really nice accessories!

National Ural Rally Day is Saturday. If you plan on participating, please register. There are currently only 118 rider signed up. That means better chances to win swag (Ural has some really nice accessories) from Ural. Problem is, to win anything, you have a rally Id that is Registered for this year. Om;y way to do that is to sign up! So, don't wait until after you ride, please register.

While you are out riding Saturday, please keep the folks along the Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina coasts and the Caribbean in your thoughts. A lot of folks are recovering and possibly more are preparing for the worst. If you are in South and Central Georgia, avoid the interstates even more than normal, some start going North only at 8:00 AM Saturday.

Result page is open at the same URL you used for registration...what, you didn't register?
Just click the registration button to get to the links.
You have to register to have points recorded. It will let you enter them, just won't record them if not registered, check first if unsure.
You can still register.
When you enter points, you may notice your IP address staring at you.
That is recorded and time stamped so we can see if any results have been tampered with by others.

Site has been down due to Irma visiting Macon, Ga and wiping out a large swath of our above ground utilities. Sie is back up, if you hcaq not been able to enter your results, you can now.

Thanks bigjames for the update, Do you know who did the trans plant on your Sportsman. I would love to do it to my little red sportsman. Or if anyone else know a guy who knows someone. hook me up. Dave (937) 554-1817 or