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National Rally Regional Rotation

I know I have seen the rotation schedule for the national rally but I can't seem to find it now so I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction or maybe even post it in here. The main reason I am looking is that I was curious as to when the Colorado region comes back up in rotation and if there is any interest in holding a national in the Colorado mountains as I would be more than willing to do the leg work for a Colorado national.

Here's the rotation:


South Central-2013

Southeast- 2014

North Central- 2015

Southwest- 2016

Northeast- 2017

Midwest- 2018

Colorado sounds like a great destination. You should contact the SW Director because he has been looking for a volunteer.

Thanks Joyce and will do, I figured the post would be a sort of commit on my part.

Colorado in 2016 sounds like a super dea. It is never too soon to start planning. J.R. Tx rep.

I think I have the location already sorted out and I have talked with Kent and Bill about it for their input.

I know this is an old post, do you have an update list for the future? Can't make Colorado this year (2016), was wondering when the National will be in the Southeast again?

Bob Geesey
USCA Member # 8220

2021 every 7 years.

Thanks Richard,

Now realizing the 7 year swing, for future planing, do you have locations picked out for the regions where the rallies will take place in 2017 & 2018?

I understand the region locations, do you have specific city's?


Not really. That is up to the Regions and most it is one year at a time.

OK, Thanks....

rbg # 8220

Figured I would this back to the first page.

2018 is scheduled for Mid June in Rising Sun Indiana. 2019 will be NW"s time again.
Tex. Rep.