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NAtional Rally at Bean Blossom

I asked this once before and didn't get a responce so I'll try again. When is the National Sidecar Rally at Bean Blossom. I really did try to find the dates on this site but couldn't come up with them. I'm not real good at computers.....much better at workin' on motorcycles.

G'day Skin
It's right befor your eyes Mate.
click on the USCA Forum at top of web site, violla, click on 26th.
or here tis.

Thanks, Like I said, I'm not that good a navigation.

Hi skin, I was thinking of going to the Bean Blossom My self, got to see if I can swing it with work, that and the kids games on sat. I would like to check out all the hacks and see If some one "Who knows" how they should handle, I have nothing to compare it with, mine seems to handle "good" too me, so I guess its ok. I have a little over 1,000 miles on it now and all seems well. I was hoping to see some pics of yours when you mated them together, and how does it handle? well maybe we will meet at the Bean Blossom, let me know how goes it with you. take care Steve....Montrose

Steve, we're in the same position. But fortunatley Bean Blossom is only a couple of hours from us. So if I had to, we could blast over for the day and come home. I just uploaded a few pics of my rig on my photo album. I've been blessed by having a good friend that has an '02 rig that the HD Factory set up and he's let me ride it and I let him ride mine. His Factory rig handles the same as mine. So I was glad to learn that. I guess that would be the only way to really know. The rest is getting use to it. Hopefully I'll meet you at Bean Blossom.


Hey Skin your rig looks sharp! I am glad to hear you got to check out another rig alot newer and set up correctly, I think mine is set up pretty good, although, I did re set the lean out from 1 1/2 degrees to like a 1/2 of a degree lean out and it feels a little better and it don`t look like its leaning out too much. My wife said when she was behind me it looked like I was leaning too much. anyway, I see you put your front left lower fairing back on, I took mine off and bought the snap on type and it works good, I did not want to cut my right lower fairing up, so anyway, I like your lic. plate, I am also a believer and glad to see other believers out there, I went to a "CMA" (Christian Motorcycle Assoc.) Run for the Son a few weeks ago and had a great time, first long run with the side car and was the only one with it, I took my daughters for a ride the other day one in the hack with my 5yr. old boy in front of her and my other daughter on the back and felt quite a bit of weight but it still handled fine. that was neat being able to take them all for the ride, well glad you replied and hope we can meet some time, take care.......... steve