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National Rally 2024 ideas & help

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Dave- I'm not sure how far that is from Smyrna, TN, my brother Mike and his wife run an Air BnB in Smyrna. If it's close enough, that might be a possibility of a roof over one's head for the national. Contact me for further info....

- "retired" WA state rep. Many years and many posts more than what show up here now.

Not practical. It's 874 miles from Smyrna TN to Okoboji, Iowa. It would pay to do my research before I spout off. I guess I was just pleased to see a fellow deleted user on here....

- "retired" WA state rep. Many years and many posts more than what show up here now.

Thanks to everyone that has offered help so far, I do have a potential site in the works, just waiting to hear back about a couple details so I can submit it to the board for review. I hope it pans out as I feel this would be a great place for the rally. I'm still sort of looking but not digging hard as this one is looking good 


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We just had the sidecars in the smokies rallye at Iron horse M/C campground in Stecoah, NC.  If you’re looking for a place that’s cool in Summer and that is without a doubt the best place to accommodate a National rallye you won’t find a better facility and folks.   They can do it all. Food, fellowship, environment, lodging & or camping,   close to the best riding in the whole of the USA.   They have enough ackerage/ space so as to not be cramped.  And folks can select their accommodations according to their budget.  From camping or bunk houses to 5 star rooms and houses all on the same property.  I’ve visited motorcycle campgrounds and  good facilities all over the US  & Canada and I’d rate Iron Horse as unbeatable.    It’s a class act for something like this.   

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I have been to Iron Horse and the Smokies rally many times and they are without a doubt top notch, however they are not big enough to accommodate our National rally. We have asked them before and they told us unfortunately they couldn't do it. 

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Hello all, our only request is that it be somewhere on the east coast. Traveling to the Midwest is becoming more and more expensive and challenging. I know there is a risk of heat and humidity but Hotchiss was very hot. After all, we are bikers. Since when does a little weather stop us! Just my thoughts for what they’re worth.

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AceinSav, do you have an approximate date for the 2024 National Rally ?  Something even close.....just trying to plan for next year, and we make our plans well in advance, so if you can tell me....June, or July, or December......and maybe like...3 week in June, etc.....that is all helpful.

Not going to hold you to whatever dates you come up with, just want to get an "idea".

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We are shooting for 1 of the first 2 weeks in June. The person I'm working with is on vacation until next Monday. I'm hoping we can lock in everything next week so I can submit it to the board 

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Has any decision been made on the dates and location of the 2024 rally? Ruth and I are trying to plan on attending and want to get it on our calendars. Thanks

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we do not have a venue as of today, we are working hard to get a site locked in and I hope to be able to announce where it will be in the next week or 2 at teh most


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The fairgrounds at Hotchkiss and Coeur d'Alene seemed to work out well for rally headquarters, but not all fairgrounds can accommodate campers. and not all suitable fairground facilities have adequate non-camping accommodations (motels, BnB, Vrbo, etc.) nearby.

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Is the 2024 rally a definite for the southeast? My wife and I went to the 2017 rally in Corning New York and we thought that was a great location. It would probably be cooler than a southeast location. Just a thought.

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The USCA rotates its rally among the seven regions.

2024 is South East.

2025 is North East. 

2026 is Mid West

2027 is North West

2028 is South Central

2029 is South West

2030 is North Central again

The idea is to bring the rally closer to all the members. Not everyone is retired and can take a week or ten days off to attend a National Rally. Plus everyone wants new roads to ride every year.





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I want to thank everyone that offered ideas to help find a location for the 2024 rally. Happy to say we have found a location so I have opened a new thread for it


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