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Natchez Trace

Thinking about taking the Natchez Trace from Ntchez to Nashville, TN. Both ways planned for a 4 day ride...two up and two back. The Trace has a 50 mph speed limit, so the cruising will be slow and easy. Enough to stop and see the parks, museums and road signs along the way.

That would make 4 easy days of ~325 miles per day and getting rooms or camping out. Thought about stopping in on Vetch of Bench Works in norther Mississippi.

Anyone interested? Can leave anytime.

'74 R90/6 with overloaded Ural. 🙂

This is preacher in Jonesboro AR. I saw your post. I am not to familiar with the "Trace but I know that people from around here do it sometimes. Where would the "starting area be ? and the ending area be? It sounds like a nice slow trip, So far I haven't interstated with the rig. Its a sportster with a velorex. Maybe august sept. ish?? I am riding 3 thousand miles to New York and Back in July for the Americade Rally.
I hope to here from you,

Well now......

Me and Carney did make the Natchez Trace ride from Natchez, MS to Nashville, TN then to Knoxville, TN and then slabbed it down to Jackson, MS. Got back on the Trace at Jackson, MS and "Traced" it back to Natchez, MS. A nice easy ride up the Trace, stopping at several nice areas. Made it in two days there and well worth the time.

I will be writing up the trip for the Sidecarist and may add it here if it isn't too long: I sometimes get carried away and like the REAL Grand Poobah, da 'bum, get afflicted with excess verbosity. :}