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Natchez Trace Parkway

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I rode the trace from Natchez a month ago and found it a very enjoyable trip. I had forgotten how nice the roads are in Alabama and Mississippi and the trace has beautiful roads all the way to Nashville. I guess the reason for the bad stretches on the Blue ridge are caused by the amount of ice and snow that they get every winter.

We like to ride the Trace every year, always lots of stuff to see and enjoy the laid back riding.

I rode the Natchez Trace a couple of years ago South to North on my to the national in Arkansas, great road. It is the same as the Blue Ridge Parkway in that it is a park with no stops but there are plenty of towns not too far off of the parkway for fuel for the rig and for you.

Some of ours on the Trace.

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We took the Trace from end to end last Spring on our cross country trip. I piloted our Bonneville/Cozy rig and my girlfriend a Triumph Thruxton from Nashville to Natchez. I found it to be generally impeccably well groomed for the entire length, and riding any 10 miles of the Trace would leave you thinking it the most amazingly wonderful motorcycle road you've ever been on. After 100 miles or so that awesome feeling faded away and a weird unexplainable monotony began to set in. I think the Trace's consistency is it's downfall. There just isn't enough variation to keep it fun and interesting which is something I never ever expected. If you are a history buff you may find the War of 1812 historical markers along the way fascinating, but as far as America's scenic highways and byways go I think there are more memorable choices. If you just happen to be going in the direction that the Trace goes and want to enjoy the protection of a very safe park road vs the interstates then it remains an excellent option, just a little dull.

There are no towns on the trace, its just like the blue ridge parkway only better roadways.

You do have to be a little more cautious in Mississippi, the cross roads actually come to a stop sign at the Trace but most locals do not stop. They also use the Trace as a shortcut in areas and go well above the posted 45 MPH speed limit.

The Trace is definitely not a tourist trap. You do need to plan your rest and gas stops as you really cannot see any sign of civilization from the road - just trees. There are a lot of historic sites to stop and visit along and just off of the trace. It is best to study up and do some net surfing before you set out.

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