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NADA values

How accurate are NADA values for sidecars? Generally seem to be a lot lower than what people are asking. Same goes for KBB.

I have never understood how those values are set. It seems that they depreciate sidecars the same way they do cars. Since sidecar models don't change very often and there are very few "wear parts" on a sidecar, that model doesn't hold up. In fact, sidecars seem to resell well over the NADA and KBB values.

Thanks again Al. I was uncertain as other than asking price that's the only source I have available. I guess if boils down to individual desire for a particular car. With my lack of experience I just don't want to pay too much over reasonable and the price differentials were a concern.

Every year we fill out paper work for Kelly blue book as to the price on our new sidecars. As sidecars do not have titles there is no way they can track what they actually sell for as such they must be just depreciating them by a certain percentage each year. If you could buy sidecars for what they say they are worth used it could really put a dent in new sidecar production. Thier prices simply are not in line with reality unfortunately their prices are what banks go by for financing and what insurance companies go by for pay off after a lose.
Jay G
DMC sidecars

Well I guess that I really under priced my Escort. KBB says it's worth $3545. Someone's gonna get a deal..

Further evidence that NADA doesn't understand sidecars.