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My turn at Easy Steer

Getting to the age where the body is not what it used to be.

I have a 2000 Yamaha Venture with a Formula II sidecar.  It is now time to make the steering easy.  I am new to the degrees, etc.  Any help and purchase locations would be greatly appreciated.  


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 I have had 6 1/2 on a large rig and now have 4 1/2 on almost the same type large rig. Both work . I prefer the 4 1/2.

There is a difference in rake trees. Make sure you are getting the right one for you.

When you rake it the tubes need to be longer either by replacing them or extension.  No issue with well designed  and made trees and extension.

Many of the tress offer cheap on the net are designed for someone that wants to rage of big front tires not sidecars or trikes.

Cheap ones can end up a bad experience

DMC and Hannigan  are IMO the best place to start.

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labill, I too suggest contacting Hannigan, who should be familiar with your project, as the web-site shows they have developed a trike kit for the Venture with the option of a Steer Lite Kit 6-degree (take a look here:

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agreed with the above, unless the 2000 is different from the 99 Hannigan is the only company I could find an easy steer for the Yamaha Venture and there are no options but the one they offer is perfect. you will find you have to leave your lower covers off the forks as they won't fit anymore. 

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Thane LewisFlyinMonkeys
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Hannigan CNC machines their own . They are a work of art. Stronger and much better suit to sidecar and trikes than others.

OP did not say where he was but they also do the install. Fast a flawless work.

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I have been at Hannigan, and stood there watching their machinist mill out a run of 30 triple tree sets on their CNC machines.

Currently there are only two companies in the USA that make custom "trail reduced" or raked triple trees, and that is Hannigan Sidecars/Trikes, and Bill's Custom Triple trees. I have previously bought two sets of triple trees from DMC, but both of those sets of triple trees were actually made my Bill's Custom Triple Trees, then sent to DMC, and sold to me.

Should be noted....the extremely experienced and talented machinist that USED to work for Hannigan just recently left there. All the equipment is still at Hannigan, and I believe they have utilized one of the other employees to work those CNC machines. They had two guys that had experience doing that work, so it was a matter of putting the right guy in the right place. I would encourage you to TALK to either David Hannigan (the man himself), or to Corey Hart (former salesman there, that may be the machinist he is one of the experienced guys)

I liked the triple trees I got that were made by Bill's Custom Triple Trees, that I installed myself, onto two individual Goldwing 1800's....well made.....BUT....if you can get the triple trees from Hannigan....that is who I would trust to make it right.

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Thane Lewis
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Just talked with Cory this morning. Ordered some replacement side maker/turn signal lights for the twin classic.

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Here is a link to a spreadsheet to calculate the how much trail you will have based on the degree of rake you chose:

Thanks to ADVRider's @steam powered for sending loads of formulas so I could do that.


Here's the whole thread from when I was trying to figure out the best choice and the maths behind the spreadsheet:


And here's why I wouldn't recommend buying from Custom Triple Trees:

I ordered a set of Custom Triple trees for a 1984 R100RT with a 5 degree rake in January, 2022. 6 weeks later he sent me a set with the top plate's fork holes drilled in the wrong position. The trees couldn’t be assembled. They were also 6.25 degrees rake not the 5 degrees I ordered.

He said I was doing it wrong, insisted I adjust a nut (they weren’t the adjustable kind) then finally relented and had me send them back. He also insisted the 6.25 degree rake would steer better. It wouldn't btw.

Two months later I got the same set with a different top plate. This set hit the stock fairing bracket and prevented the front wheel from turning all the way. After sending him many pictures, he asked me to send them back.

He suggested building a set with the forks offset (shifted backwards) 13/16”. I wasn’t sure the new idea would fit around the stock bracket even with the change in offset. I also really didn’t want to be the guinea pig for 1” offset forks so I asked for a refund. Two months later he sent all but $25 (in 3 installments, I had to nag him for each one).

Fortunately a fellow rider and top notch fabricator offered to make me a set of leading links.  Here's that thread if you're interested.