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my new sidecar has arrived


my new velorex 562 sidecar has arrived finally as being my first sidecar ever i am extremely excited, only one problem, once i get it out of the crate i believe i can figure out how to hook it up, but i am very confused on how to align it, is there anyone the can give me a simple way of doing this or anyone in northern california willing to give me a hand?

Look in the cockpit and you will find a handbook with very detailed instructions on installation and alignment on a bike with a conventional double loop frame. If you are attaching it to another type of chassis you will probably need outside assistance. If you are patient and follow the instructions it's quite a good feeling to be able to say you did it yourself, it's also a good learning experience. Go for it! If you run into real problems, help is as near as the Forum.

Good luck with your project.

....And much easier to dowiththe body off the frame 🙂

Congratulations, I also have a 562, nice starting point. Try Bob Wark has some good info available on his website.

thanks everyone for help, here's a new question, what do you to jack up a sidecar for mounting to keep it level, all i have is a standard hydrolic jack but it doesn't seem to keep it level well

I use wheeled sidecar dollies or floor jacks. One can also use wood blocks, milk crates, bricks, books, coffee cans or what ever is available at the time.

I recently installed a Velorex 700 on my Kawasaki W650. During the installation I used a gadget called the "Porklift" to hold the sidecar frame level while connecting it to the bike. It worked very well. See the second picture in the "sherm's rig" album. The Porklift is a portable motorcycle stand sold by the Warkshop,

thanks that looks like it will work great.

why is it i get my new sidecar, nice and shiny, I uncrate it, i assemble it, and sent my mounts and mount it, and just i am about to do my first test drive, the rain comes and comes and comes. and when i got to work away from my rig the sun comes out, and when i return to test drive again the rain returns too. I'm starting to thing the weather is agenst me


It rains in Antioch?

Rusting away in the Pacific Northwest.