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My Jan / Feb Sidecarist is here

My Jan / Feb Sidecarist 2021 showed up.  I now know how to eat a Elephant 🐘. Page 6.  Page 14 i can ride like a painter.


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My Jan/Feb Sidecarist arrived in yesterday's mail, but due to having visitors yesterday evening I haven't had a change to read it.  Maybe this afternoon.

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The new Sidecarist hasn't reached NE Ohio yet. Did get the latest issue of the Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Magazine.

The good news is there is a 3 pg article on the 2020 Bill Brown Sidecar Rally. The bad news is there aren't any sidecars 

in it.


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Big Tom

Talked to editor , who called printer.  Sidecarist left printer a month ago.  Sorry Fly and anyone else still waiting.  Next one just about ready to go.  

Dave USCA president

we need a new ad guy and someone to run webpage.  Feel free to email me or call 937-554-1817 before 9pm

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Yup, still waiting here as well....

Fingers crossed, any day now.

Jan-Feb Sidecarist arrived

Fly your not the only one with a late one.  Mine came Jan.22 some still waiting.  Have not got any mail here all week.  We only got 14" of snow on top of 5'.   My Amazon prime still makes it here in one or two days.

Dave USCA president

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