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MS Rally/Show

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The first ever (?) USCA rally/show to be held in Mississippi will take place Saturday April 2, 2016 at Coast Harley Davidson located at 941 Cedar Lake Rd in Biloxi, MS 39476. Activities start at 9:00 AM and finish at 5:00 PM. There will be trophies for people's choice best of show; 1st, 2nd, and 3rd and other entertaining events. There will also be food venders on site and music all day long. Numerous raffles will be held throughout the day with some great prizes provided by motorcycle dealers from across South Mississippi. Admission is FREE but to enter the competition you must have a sidecar, a monkey and $10 for entry. Proceeds from the raffles will go to support the Shriners Hospitals for Children. For more information see "MS Get-Together" under RIDERS WANTED.

Sorry if this is confusing, but this all came about from an idea hatched on that thread. To get the most current info, contact:

Mike Bodisch
MS State Rep

601-788-7409 or

Mike: I have 50 Brochures counted out and will pack them up and send them. Is that going to be enough?


I really do not know what to expect. I will be glad to have what you now have ready to ship and will pass them out until, ..... If there are any left, I'll save them for future events it that is okay. Sounds like we may have some interest in a Natchez Trace run. Will take any leftovers there. Now I have to get out and start selling this to more dealers and shops in the area. Had 100 fliers printed Friday afternoon and will do my best to pass them all out.

More later.
Mike in MS

Sounds good!!

Mr. Mike,
Make sure you order good weather. As of now, I plan to take off from work on Friday April 1st (no joke) and ride down for Saturday's festivities. Should be fun.


I look forward to meeting you. Come early on Saturday and you can help with setting things up.
If you can't, we still look forward to seeing you. Give a call when you get in the area. Phone is 601-788-7409.

Mike in MS 🙂

Mike; I was reminded that if your advertise your rally as a USCA event you have to be insured. The BMWMOA carries our insurance. I can't remember what the fee is or who handles the insurance at MOA headquarters but I will research it and get back to you.


This is one reason I decided to have the event at the MS Coast Harley Davidson facility. They tell me that any event held on their property is covered by their insurance. That's why they said they had to check with their insurance carrier to confirm it would cover the "Road Kill Roundup." It is considered a moving competitive event and they wanted to make sure they would be covered. Please let me know what you find out and I will check further on this end.

Mike in MS


That is why the flier state it is a "possible event'"

One last question. Are you charging for the event? If so USCA policy is that members get a reduced rate. The insurance issue seems to be covered.

Mike, I have never been to a sidecar event before but I will gladly help anyway I can if I get there early enough. I will be on my Ural....traveling Friday. 🙂

Hi Mike:
I am new enough to the presidents job that I don't have this all down. My advisor has supplied the material below that explains the requirements for a USCA event. If your event meets these requirements we can approve it as a USCA sanctioned event. It looks like you will still need to have the insurance from BMWMOA. Bob Aldridge is the contact at MOA and the cost is $400. bob@ is his contact email.
Let me know if you have more questions.

The Harley shop’s insurance doesn’t list the USCA as a covered entity. We are open to liability. I don’t really have a pain with this but you should know that we are at risk. The standards for a “USCA rally” are simple. I can’t quote it but the basics are…

-Each region can have one a year
-They must advertise as a USCA rally and offer a $5 USCA member discount [for which the USCA will reimburse]
-They must be insured [for which the USCA will reimburse]
-It must be a family friendly event… no adult material vendors, no wet t-shirt contests, etc.

For All who might be interested.

Looks like the "Road Kill Roundup" is a GO. Have talked with insurance people for Coast Harley-Davidson and USCA. We are going to be covered! Thanks Will for all the support and information on this. I will say that it has turned out to be more, a lot more work than I expected. Hope we have a good enough turnout to make it worthwhile.

See you all (and y'all) on April 2.

Mike in MS


To compete in the competition during the First Ever USCA Mississippi Sidecar Ride In/Show/Rally/Event, you must have a sidecar, a monkey and the $10 entry fee. Emphasis here being on the "monkey".
If you cannot drag one down here with you, we can recruit one on site. How can you expect to compete in a Road Kill Roundup without a partner in the tub?
Besides that, we need some good looking monkeys for "Best Looking" competition.
Actually, that competition is totally separate. Guess you could slip in different monkeys for road kill snatching and the good looks contest.

Further coordination with the site host, MS Cost Harley-Davidson, indicates things are on track and developing at a fast pace.
They are bringing in a good number of outside venders and expect a good turnout.
Should have a lot of spectators since general admission is "FREE".
Trophies are lined up and you can expect something special there (thank you Stacie at the Busted Wrench Garage).
Baby Girl (also known as BUG for Back Up Girl) and I were out collecting road kill today.
What can I say, there ain't no reverse on either of them rigs and I'm too old to do all the pushing.

So, come on down and enjoy some of that famous Mississippi hospitality.

More later.

Mike in MS

Looks like fun!! I won't be able to be there so we need a report and pictures for the Sidecarist. (I know I've said it before but I don't want to miss out.) Keep up the good work.

MrMike - 2/21/2016 11:22 PM
I will say that it has turned out to be more, a lot more work than I expected.

Mike in MS

Mike, are you keeping a notebook FOR NEXT YEAR'S rally? You know, with all your notes and lessons learned about insurance and other critical observations. That would probably help you or the next person so you don't get burned out. My step daughter can't come that weekend but I will be coming near you on the way down like we pm'ed Don't worry about accommodations for me-but thanks for thinking of me. If I can do anything to help just let me know. If nothing else I will bring my camera stuff....


Hello All

If anyone is interested, I have attached an updated version of the flier we are passing out here in South MS. Getting some really great help from the folks at the Harley shop in Biloxi.

I always get confused on the procedure to attaché files. Hope it works.

More Later,
Mike in MS

Done it again... No attachment. Do not understand why we attach after posting the message. I never know what is going out?????


Flood control is pretty frustrating to.

Will try again after the requisite number of minutes. Do have a couple of other things I rather be doing though?????

Attached files

sidecarflyer 2.pdf (332.6 KB) 

It looks good. Mike you have done a great job.

Mike, really looking forward to this and hoping you get a good turnout, good weather too.

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