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MRF Call to Action - Motorcycle Helmets

National Call to Action: Federal Helmet Mandates

The Motorcycle Riders Foundation reports that the US Senate Committee on Commerce Science and Transportation will be marking up The Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 2011 (S. 1449). This bill governs the National Highway Transportation Safety Administrations activities. This bill has the potential to greatly affect motorcyclists nationwide.

There are three provisions that specifically target motorcyclists.

Call your Senators and ask them to:

  1. Oppose Lautenberg amendment #1. This amendment would alter the motorcycle safety grant program by forcing states to pass mandatory universal helmet laws and drive federal tax dollars to be used to promote the use of helmets. This provision would make it easier for helmet law states to obtain 2010 grant money. This amendment would provide no money for awareness or training.

  1. Support DeMint amendments #1 and #18. These amendments protect the NHTSA lobby ban. Under the proposed legislation are provisions to lift this lobby ban.

  1. Support DeMint amendment #2. The bill, (S 1449) would change the definition of "motor vehicle equipment" to include motorcycle helmets. This would allow States to spend federal money dedicated to "motor vehicle equipment" on motorcycle helmets. The DeMint amendment would keep helmets out of that definition.

Call Now. Time is of the essence. Call you Senators via the capitol switch board at 202 224 3121.

Of key importance are the Senators on the committee you can contact them directly:

Senator Rockefeller-WV 202 224 6472
Senator Kerry-MA 202 224 2742
Senator Lautenberg-NJ 202 224 3224
Senator McCaskill-MO 202 224 6154
Senator Udall-NM 202 224 5941
Senator Begich-AK 202 224 3004
Senator Inouye-HI 202 224 3934
Senator Boxer-CA 202 224 3553
Senator Cantwell-WA 202 224 3441
Senator Pryor-AR 202 224 2353
Senator Klobucher-MN 202 224 3244
Senator Hutchinson-TX 202 224 5922

Senator DeMint-SC 202 224 6121
Senator Wicker-MS 202 224 6253
Senator Blunt-MO 202 224 5721
Senator Toomey-PA 202 224 4254
Senator Ayotte-NH 202 224 3324
Senator Snowe-ME 202 224 5344
Senator Thune- SD 202 224 2321
Senator Isakson-GA 202 224 3643
Senator Boozman-AR 202 224 4843
Senator Marco Rubio-FL 202 224 3041
Senator Heller-NV 202 224 6244

This is of extreme importance. Please call today, Tuesday, December 13th, 2011.

Do not hesitate to contact the MRF should you have any questions. 202 546 0983

Thank you for posting this Joyce, I have emailed my South Dakota Senator John Thune, maybe it will help.

As a person who is generally in favor of wearing helmets I should be in favor of this legislation BUT...

I'm pretty tired of government telling us what's good for us. Do I ever ride without a helmet, yeah, I do, I know I shouldn't but I do and I don't want anyone telling me I HAVE TO wear a helmet if it means that they are taking funds away from educational programs to enforce another law that we shouldn't need. I hope that folks will wear helmets BECAUSE THEY FEEL THAT'S IT'S A PRUDENT THING TO DO. If you don't feel that way, it's your choice and none of my business. Yeah, I've heard that riders that don't wear helmets run up my insurance rates but I'm willing to pay a little more to keep this a matter of personal choice.

Update, I recieved a email from Senator Thune, he says the Lautenburg amendment was not approved, the DeMint amendments were approved in the Transportation committee. Seems like we won one. 😉