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We have purchased two much larger building then we now occupy. This will allow us to expand and hopefully cut our lead times from the 4 months they have been averaging for the last few years. It will also allow us to move powder coating and painting in house to better be able to control quality and production times.
As we are moving.
We have far more Sputnik sidecars in stock then I care to move. So for the month of January 2018 if you order a Sputnik sidecar and TELL US YOU SAW IT ON THIS SITE you have two options. Either we will add a disk brake and crate it for free ($860 savings) or you can buy one "AS IS" still in the crate for $2400
These sidecars are NOS (new old stock) and were stored poorly in Russia for a lot of years as such they are extremely dirty. When we sell them for $3495 we clean them up much better, often the tonneau covers are bad, we replace them with covers we make. We also cut off the axle and weld in a new axle that we manufacture then we run an aftermarket tubeless Harley type wheel from DNA and include proper bike specific mounts.
If you buy one "AS IS" we will not be opening up the crate, it will be dirty, only have mounts that can be made to work with the old ball / collet type mounts that BMW used on the /2. You will not get a wheel and the tonneau cover may be bad.
Sputniks sidecars are not great sidecars, the fit and finish is a bit crude. You can have any color you like as long as it is an orange body with a black fender. What Sputnik sidecars are, are fantastic sidecars FOR THE MONEY, they are quite robust and as we supply them with proper bike specific NOT universal mounts they work very well. They are a great value!
Jay G
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