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mounting manual for ride by side sidecar on cx500c

new to the site and i'm hoping to get some direction on mounting the side car to a 1979 honda cx500c. the sidecar is made by ride by side which was bought by texas sidecar, i contacted them and was informed that i should buy another mounting kit. i informed them that i had all mounts just needed a manual or illustrations to show how the mounts are confiqured and so much for that, thats way im hoping this forum can help. any help is appreciated, thank you in advance

Hello Stacy and Rod,
A good work horse for a rig. They were very popular in those days. Lasted long and were so reliable we called them the "Güllepumpe" = the manure pump, due to many considered them ugly. ((grin) including me, ...but she has her hidden values (jealousy)) Practically the CX500 was the first completely reliable water-cooled motorcycle on the market that used to make 150.000km 93.750 miles without mayor repairs or need to open the engine. (way before the VF750 became reliable...those exploded their cams in those days very fast / The "tilted toaster"= "Spandau Japaner" was to that time a secret project) Just because of that reliability the CX500 earned her good name and preference for all year round riders.
Only sometimes the final drives did not hold up on rigs when equipped with original rim and a harsh riding style combined to a huge sidecar, but if you put a smaller car rim and tire and a medium size to small sidecar it should last a lot. That is my experience from Germany.

Even these days here in Costa Rica you see a few solo CX500 frequently still, generally working tough on a daily base.
Good luck.

There are some books that all Sidecarest need at the link below. And they are free.

I have not seen the mounts that ride by side made for your bike. We of course do make a mounting kit for your bike. In the case of our kit we tie onto both sides of the bottom of the engine where there are "tabs" this sub frame also attaches near the steering head. The rear mounts are frame clamps. I have attached basic sidecar set up information.
Jay G
DMC sidecars

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we've already purchased "driving a sidecar rig" It is quite informative after the rig is mounted

Welcome to the forum Rod-n-Stacy!

If your ride-by-side is the model I think it is, I may have the same car when Auburn made it. If so, then I may be able to provide you with some ideas on the car-side mounts. My mounts, both car-side and bike-side were purchased from Jay.

Here is a pic of my car, mounted on a GL1100 (1982 Goldwing)...

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i will try to get pics of car mounts and bike mounts this saturday, as of this posting both frames are apart, just had them stripped and powdercoated