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Motorvations Formula II Hood

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Although I have no direct experience with a steering damper I'm told that it could make it harder to steer. Anyway, I did not need a damper. Yes I like my Heritage as a sidecar bike. I put solid Harley Fat Boy wheels on it when I put the new tires on this spring, because they're a tubeless tire and you can fix a flat on the road (if you have a tire repair kit) and you don't need to keep checking for loose spokes. I bought both wheels off of Craigslist for $300 (they're over $600 per wheel in the Harley catalogue)and they're a direct fit depending on the year of your bike.

Barbara, the need for modified trees isn't limited to any sidecar. it is a very good investment for ANY sidecar or trike

I installed 4.5 on my Wing with the the sidecar and I'm pretty sure it is a 4.5 that is on the trike I just bought my wife

Tires and head bearing tightness are the biggest causes of head shake, mine with a new front tire won't shake at all but as the tire wears and begins to cup ( and this is a given) it will begin to shake, as the cupping gets worse so does the shake. you have 3 options to control it

1 tighten steer head bearings a little more than stock specs,,,, this works very well, but the tire will still cup 

2 add a steering damper,,, this will make your turning harder, and the tire still cups

3 keep your tire cupping ground down,,, works great, stops the vibration caused from the tire cupping, but is a pain to do 

this is all based on Goldwings as I have no experience with any other bikes, but I'm pretty sure the front tire cupping goes with all sidecars to some extent 



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Hi Barbara:  We have no direct experience with a Softtail, but our Sportster rig also did not require a damper after installing Hawg Halter triple trees, which not only eased steering effort, but also eliminated much of the handle bar wobble, particularly when riding a bumpy road.

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Thanks again for the input. I'm going to start with the triple trees and see where we go from there.

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  Have a 82 FLTC stock tree's, I can pull 25k + out of the stock front tire and no cupping. Each bike is different.  

Quote from 2FLTC on September 16, 2020, 8:42 am

  Have a 82 FLTC stock tree's, I can pull 25k + out of the stock front tire and no cupping. Each bike is different.  

sure wish I could say that. I think headshake and front tires cupping is just a Goldwing thing. all 3 Wings I have had have done it, even when riding on 2 wheels 

USCA # 8913

This was a helpful thread to discover as I begin my SC journey. I'll start a fresh thread, and YES Barb's rig is "suuuweet"

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