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Motorvations Formula II Hood

I recently bought a Motorvations Formula II sidecar, reasonably priced and great shape, The hood came with it but no supports to hold it up. Could anyone help me out with what the original supports looked like?


This is for Barbara in the tech forum from Ace Jones [he's having a posting issue and yes, I'm working on it ;^)]

Hi and Welcome to USCA

I have a Motorvation FII sidecar and will take some detailed pictures when I get home tonight and post for you. Is it missing all the front mounting hardware or just the struts


Ace Jones

Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

Again, this is being posted for Ace

Hi Barbara

I think I misinterpreted what you were asking for at first. I think what you wanted was to know about the frame for the canopy that would cover the inside of the car Here are a couple pictures of what it looks like. It is actually 2 pieces the are connected in the middle by a sleeve and slides into the holes in the body on each side at the back of the seat.

Hope this helps



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Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

Thanks so much Al Olme and Ace! That's exactly what I was looking for. Thanks so much, That's so much less complicated than what I was thinking.


Glad to be able to help. just ask if you have any more questions. so how about a picture of your new to you sidecar 

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Barbara Behm

Barbara, It wasn't me, it was Ace.  I was just the mailman.


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Barbara Behm
Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

Thank-you both! This is my new to me sidecar.

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very nice looking set up you have there. 

Thank-you. I was looking at your pics compared to mine and it seems like your bike and car are a lot closer together. I was wondering if there was a reason for that?

some of that is an optical illusion because my wing is much wider overall than your bike 

when I bought the car I have it came off a Goldwing 1500 so all the mounting hardware was already there and pretty much pre adjusted

so when I mounted it I ask what was a good width for the rig rear tire to sidecar tire. it was pretty much right in the range so I left it

plus if I was any closer I wouldn't be able to open my pass saddle bag, I can only open it part way as it is.