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motorvation trunk key

I previously posted a thread about me buying a used Motorvation Spyder sidecar that did not have a key for the trunk. When i attended the rally at Corning NY i talked with Claude Stanley about it and he told me to call Motorvation and they would probably send me a key for free, WRONG. I called them up and they told me there was only one key that fit all their trunks and they would send me one out for $10.00. I thought this was OK seeing i was in a spot and it was cheaper than taking the rig to a locksmith. They did a good job sending me out a key, got it in about a week, but when i opened the letter i was billed $15.00. The other $5.00 was for shipping and handling which i thought was ridiculously high as they only placed it in a regular envelope, placed a stamp on it and mailed it to me. I do not have a problem with a company making a profit on their parts, but i thought this was a bit too much for just a key that i had duplicates made at Home Depot for $0.99 each. I am not trying to start anything with this post, or act like i am some kind of a cheapskate, just feeling a tiny bit cheated by a real good sidecar making company. Other than that, i like the looks of the sidecar and cannot wait to get it on my Harley Heritage.

I don't know what Motorvation's response would have been if you were the first owner of the sidecar, but I would have expected to have to pay something for a replacement key. Considering the cost of the key, stamp, envelope, and the time for the person who sent it to you I'd have guessed $5.00 to be very fair.