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motorvation spyder sidecar

In a past post i stated that i purchased a used Spyder sidecar and it did not come with a key for the trunk. I called Motorvation and they agreed they would mail me a key for $10.00 which i thought was a fair price, cheaper than a visit to a locksmith. After thinking about it for a second i asked how would they know which key would fit my trunk and was told there is only one key that fits all their trunk locks, not much security there. I will never keep anything valuable in the trunk anyways, but i thought i would pass this little bit of info on to all of you.

Locks only keep honest people honest anyway. 🙂

look on the bright side, the only people likely to have a matching key will be on a sidecar rig

USCA # 8913

And everyone knows sidehack drivers are an honest bunch.