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Motorvation Engineering Sidecar

That's good to hear your business is doing well.  There certainly doesn't seem be a shortage of demand for sidecars right now.  I'm glad you're handling supply!  Sadly, everyone is having labor issues right now.  I work in food manufacturing.  I've been doing product development for about 10 years and currently work for a large consulting/contracting company.  There's a dearth of skilled labor in all industries; it's a major deficit.

I'm excited to see which US manufacturer will be using you for a factory sidecar.  That's cool you have NOS sputniks.  I have to confess I don't like the style for the bike I'd be putting it on. I have a '95 HD Fatboy which I'm using for this hack.  The cozy Euro has the right style and after talking to Kevin about it I'm satisfied with its dimensions/weight and ability to handle the load of a 650lb bike in a turn.   However, I will need mounting hardware for it.  I think I'll be giving you a call for that part of the project :).

I'll be eagerly watching and waiting for your new factory sidecar!


Kevin at Cozy is one of the "good guy's" in the industry we have been working together for over 20 years. Only met once back in the late 1990's. He will not sell you a sidecar for a bike that he feels it would not be safe one. Most (if not all) of the other companies that sell sidecars made in India are only interested in a sale. Also he only gets the highest quality sidecars that come out of India. I would recommend some up grades to the mounting system which do require welding on the sidecar and are very similar to what we do on Velorex sidecars as can be seen at this link Provided the sidecar is large enough for your passenger and is mounted well a Cozy may serve you well for year to come and are usually in stock. At this time mounting hardware is about a 4 week lead time from us.

Jay G
DMC sidecars


If Indian comes out with a sidecar I hope they come out with one that Hannigans has. I think it one of the best ones that looks like it belongs on a Indian. Its nice and easy to get in and out of.

I have seen the Hannigan on an Indian and while I will admit it does look very nice if I were buying one I think I would prefer the DMC Tomahawk

I personally think it is more elegant and better suited for the Indian than the Arrow and you don't have to lift part of the dash to get in and out like the Heritage

but that's just my 2 cents worth

Jay should use the Hanningan style fender, it would make the Tomahawk look 100 % better. His style fender looks good for the trikes but not the sidecar. JMO

As the Tomahawk was designed for the Indian, we lifted the shape of the fender from the front fender of an Indian but widened it by 1/2 inch as we are making ours from fiberglass which is thicker then their steel fender as such if we had not widened it we would not have been able to run the same sized tire. We can leave the fender fully skirted like Indian did in the 1940's or trim it. The fender is attached to the swing arm so we are some what limited in the shapes we can do. We did this so that as the electric trim goes up more of the wheel is not left exposed.

Jay G
DMC sidecars


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