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Motorvation Engineering Sidecar


I'm in the same position as you.  It's been a year already and I was told last week that I can't even expect it by spring.

When I ordered the sidecar a year ago I also was told about 6-8 month production time and made plans to go on a few trips with my two kids this summer...  well that never happened.   I'm more disappointed than anything.  I made a bad choice obviously.

Update:  I canceled my order and requested my money back.  My bank is on my side and we're working to get a full refund for failure to deliver on the contract.

Any luck getting your money back?

Yes, I was able to get a refund.  My bank investigated and determined they had breached the contract by not acting in good faith.

I wound up having an hour long phone conversation with Mary.  The short story is the business is not healthy and they’re broke.


I really hate to hear that about the company, I hope someone or some company can step in and if needed buy the company and bring it back to life

it's a shame to see our small marker keep getting smaller.

Interrobang, I'm glad to here you were able to get your money back