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Motorcycle plus sidecar cover

Total newbie question… I have a ‘72 BMW R75/5 with a Steib sidecar. Looking for an indoor cover for the rig. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Two large covers. Not trying to be rude, but any single cover for both would make an already challenging process even harder.  

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Steve, if you are not worried about moisture or rain getting on the rig, a couple of old sheets would work to keep the dust off.

When traveling and leaving the rig outside overnight at motels, two inexpensive waterproof covers from eBay works.  Keeps rain, dew and prying eyes off the rig. 


Agree with Thane, two smaller covers is better than one large bulky cover. Easier to put on and easier to remove.

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That is exactly how I cover my sidecar rigs when INSIDE my motorcycle garage, or in my shop for an extended period of time...cover them with olde bed sheets. Keeps the dust off them, and extremely easy to put on the bike and sidecar, and even easier to remove.

When on a road trip, I use SILVER colored covers...and NOT the BLACK colored ones. ask?

Because had one incident in the last 100 years where a car driver pulled into my parking spot, hit my 2 wheeled motorcycle, and knocked it over, because they didn't SEE it, with a BLACK cover on it. Imagine the damage they would have done to a sidecar rig, hitting something that won't FALL OVER, but the fiberglass of the sidecar gets crushed.

Since then I use....a Black Geza stretch cover, like Lycra, to cover the entire bike, and one to cover the entire sidecar, as they are SOFT, and won't scratch anything, and stretch to form fit on the bike or sidecar...THEN I use a SILVER lightweight cover to fit over the Black Geza covers, and those SILVER covers act as a second line of defense in weather, but make the entire rig other vehicles pulling in, but also to ME keeping one eye open all night and peering out the hotel window at my rig.

Total of four individual covers, and all can be crushed down and stuck into one saddlebag, so they don't take up much room.

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