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More Safer showing up on Google search

I'm sure there's a trick to getting one's web site or information to show up at the top of the list on a Google search. I see that's happening when I type "" to get to the forum here. The first thing the shows up on the results is an ad for a big sale on sidecars at Safer. Seems they're doing their best to rope in the unaware potential sidecar enthusiasts.

Tom Wells aka Reardan Tom

There's a continuous trickle of "one" for sale on our local classifieds.  Unfortunately "This thing is a damn deathtrap" isn't a reportable offense. :/

For people that may find this thread, dig deeper, there are other threads in this forum about Safer Whole sale they also go by RT sidecar. I spend a few hours a month helping people who have been taken by this company and its policies.

Here is a link to a thread I started

Also, check out the BBB about any company you are looking to buy a sidecar from and always pay with a credit card for your protection. There are several less then reputable companies in the sidecar industry. If they will not take a credit card, DO NOT DO BUSINESS with them. A credit card gives you protections. Also, when it comes to some of the smaller sidecar companies I would suspect that many of them do not carry manufactures liability  insurance. This is for the consumers protection as much as it is for the sidecars companies. This is not the same as garage keepers insurance which at least one manufacture thinks will cover any incidents that  might occur usually it will not. Manufactures liability insurance is not cheap. Our first few years in the industry the insurance amounted to about 10% of the cost. Once we were able to produce much larger numbers of sidecars as the minimum cost of the policy did not change, the cost per sidecar came way down. I would suspect that safer whole sale, red wolf  and many of the low volume USA manufactures do not have insurance. I can not see how they could possibly have any proper insurance coverage when selling sidecars for as little as they do.

Jay G

DMC sidecars