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Hello: "Is anybody out there?" [Pink Floyd]

Ralph and Peggy are in Libby. Montana is a very large state but you should be able to cross paths with them somewhere someday... I'm sure there are others too. And you can always head west. Lots in Idaho and Washington!

Yeah, I meet Ralph and Peggy briefly at Coeur d'Alene. And yeah, there HAVE to be others.
All the best!

Hi Spudy
It was good to meet you in Coeur d'Alene. I seldom get down through Helena and then it seems I'm in a hurry to get someplace. One time a few years ago I stopped to visit a fellow I had met at the national rally in Stevenson, WA. He lives in Seeley Lake, MT. He has a couple sidecar rigs and I think he still lives there. E-mail me back and I'll give you his name and phone number. One rig he has is quite unique. The bike is a Honda CX500 with a snowmobile sled body for his dog (or passenger) to ride in. He is known to not keep that right wheel on the ground much. His other rig is a mid-size Honda with a Velorex I think.

Outside of him, I am acquainted with two riders with Gold Wing rigs in the Billings area but I guess they are not members of USCA. I have met them at GWRRA rallys.

Hope to see you next summer.
Ralph Taylor
Libby, MT

Well you may run into me next year as my wife and I spend a lot of our Summer running around the Western part of the state.

Fair enough Steve. Gimme a call when you're around...

Barley and I will be passing thru next summer on our way to Oregon. Wave if you see us!