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Mock up of new model of sidecar


We have a new model of sidecar coming out we are calling the GT. Lots of work still to be done before we have the first completely finished sidecar. We should be able to start making deliveries in about 4 months. Price is to be $11995. The only options are paint and what color upholstery do you want as it will come very well equipped.
Base price includes:
Full convertible top built in such a way that you do not have to snap it on and off to get in and out as the front tips forward.
Bike specific mounts
Brembo disk brake
Heated seat
Cup holder
12 V power outlet
2 USB ports
Electric trim
Trunk light that comes on when you open the trunk
Interior lights that come on when you lift the front.
Full carpeted interior
Jay G
DMC sidecars

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thanks for sharing. Jay, you could introduce it at the USCA national rally in Rising Sun Indiana. in mid June. ;O)

The body Looks like a narrow California Friendship 3 with out the head light, along with a few more options

Love it!

Thanks for sharing! And I'm with dave:

dave - 1/16/2018 6:28 AM

you could introduce it at the USCA national rally in Rising Sun Indiana. in mid June. ;O)

I like your stuff, and this is just an observation from a newbie, constructive criticism so don't take my head off. Here goes. 😉

My lady, whom I'm hoping to get into sidecars because she has bad hips and can't do long 2W rides, has trouble getting over the lip of the tub. When (if) I look for an expensive rig, instead of my trials & tribulations beater rig, I will be looking for something with a door. I see this one has a small step-over notch, but I would like something that's as close as step up and sit down (without any step-over while doing this) as I can find. I've heard lots of good things about your products, and when that time comes, you're going to be on the top of my list, so having as many model choices in that category as possible is quite selfish. 😉 I really have no idea how feasible it is, or if it affects structural integrity or anything, but getting the lady into the sidecar is priority in this case.

Just my 2 cents while it's still not in the finalized stage. Hopefully.

You should look at our Expedition sidecar. It is one of the easiest sidecars for some one with hip or knee issues to use. The built in step, cut down side. But what really makes a difference is that the seat sits up higher and we have dropped the floor down below the top of the frame allowing your legs to be more under you then most sidecars. Pretty much all sidecars like the above you sit with your legs pretty much straight out and the seats are down low making them hard for people with knee issues to get in and out of to the extent that we have had to install seat lifts.

The above sidecar we are calling the GT is pretty much finalized. The mock up shown is the first body out of the mold.

Jay G
DMC sidecars

Thanks! Will do, expedition. Hopefully it's a big, Roadmaster-Sized one. 🙂

That looks pretty good.

Wasn't really impressed with the styling of the expedition, nice car, but I realize now the Tomahawk has a door too. 🙂 I'm all happy now, pretty sure I know which one I want! First I gotta get the cheapie in running trim to see how the fiancé likes it, though. I really gotta look at leg room... Anyone know how much leg room a Ural or Velorex has? Urals are too small, and I think the V is at best, the same size, but she hasn't been in it and won't be until I get the suspension upgrade built. AC? 8€)