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MOA rally is looking for volunteers!!


Hi Guy:
For the record the Monumental rally got a notice on the "When and Where" page but that wouldn't have have happened Had Harold not persisted.
And no - We are not going this year. We have done our road trip for this year and the bill came today. OUCH!! That would be my only complaint about this years rally. (Oh yes - there was the heat and humidity) But I feel the rally came off as smoothly as could be expected.
I do feel that the MOA should treat it's biggest chartered club with a little more respect than they do. Apparently we are only good for volunteers for their rally.

Just a data point, I suspect that Airheads is the biggest charter club but that's just a gut feeling, I have no data.

If they have over 1000 members I will concede.

Airheads just welcomed member 12,000.

Al: Looks like Duncan Tavern is near Duncan Township. PA also has Duncanville on one side of I-99, and Holidaysburg on the other - Down near Altoona. I stumbled upon them on a ride a few years back.

See you and TLMA next week.



We're looking forward to it. Also, really want to see Klaus' new rig.