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MN 2014 Bikerday at the Capitol

MN 2014 Bikerday at the Capitol is March 12, 2014. It is sponsored by the Minnesota ABATE and is open to anyone interested in promoting motorcycling to the Minnesota legislators. Bikers meet with their representatives and senators; those preregistered (free at the MN ABATE website)) are given an information packet with "talking points" about upcoming legislation. This is a non-partisan annual event with hundreds of bikers attending each year; independent and club bilkers alike are welcome to participate! A group photo is taken on the capitol steps and published in the online MN ABATE Road Noise magazine (available for anyone to read). See you at 8:30 AM in the rotunda!

If your state does not have a Bikerday at the Capitol please consider having one near the start of your state's legislative session. Legislators need to hear from EVERY biker - not just the few who are activists. It is wonderful to see the diversity of bikers who show up, from the high school sophomore with his 250cc Honda to the 1%ers. Some hardcore winter bikers even ride their bikes and park in front of the capitol building despite Minnesota's frigid temperatures. As I indicated above, ABATE in Minnesota sponsors this event. Please contact your state's ABATE to see if they have a similar event.