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MModel of side car.

I purchased a new California side car in 1982, I cannot find a mfg plate telling me what model I have. This car is mounted on my 1981 Goldwing Interstate. Neither unit has been on the road since 1987. I plan on trying to get them road ready in the near future. The bike will not be any problem as I have all the info I need to get it going. But I'm sure there have been upgrades and changes that I should know about before putting the car on the road again . Any and all help on this will be appreciated. Thanks Don Stansky.

Hi Don,
More than likely you have a Friendship 1 model. Those are quite popular.
Does it look similar to this one?

I also see you are from Superior, I'm south of you in Rice Lake. Our little sidecar club just had a ride up your way last weekend. We also have a sidecar rally down here near Rice Lake.

Take a look here.
Make sure to check out the rally photos from last year. Also follow the link at the bottom to check out our message board.