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SOLD - Misc. Sidecar Mounting Parts $60.00

The chrome round items were steering dampener parts I think - large one I.D. is 2" ; smaller one I.D. is 1.125"  

Chrome strut is 6" long - with threaded rod 1/2" into strut overall length is 14"

2 ea. U-type clamps - I.D. is 1.250" -  1 ea. U-type clamp I.D. is 1.125"

threaded rod/eye bolt with spacer length is 5.5"  -  without spacer 5.250"

$60.00 shipped to a USA address only.

Dave 704-813-9379;  text is best - get too many new spam numbers to answer them all.  E-mail works too -



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