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Does anyone know michigans laws reguarding passengers in sidecars?
Somebody mentioned to me today they thought passengers where illegal.
I never new this,thought I better check it out,but cant find much about michigan

I just did a computer scan of the Michigan Vehicle codes.

The word sidecar does not appear even once. The only mention of motorcycle passengers is that you may not carry a passenger if you have a temporary "Learner's" permit, and you may not carry a passenger that is unable to reach the normal footpegs.

I'm in the U.P. Guess I'd be picked up by this time. Best have the passenger wear a helmet, too. Checked with our local H-D mechanic who rides a s/c. Not a problem.

Thank you for the replys

Whoa.....another post about passengers. Hmmm....i was not aware of the law that requires feet to reach the pegs, however, it is totally logical. Joyce has another post that is somewhat related concerning proposed law in Ontario.

You can search state by state laws at the ama site.

I know this is pretty old, but I figured I'd post here just to clarify, as I've looked this up extensively in Michigan, my home state.

Passengers must reach the "foot rests". Pegs, boards, floor of a sidecar, are not specifically mentioned. Therefore if your kid can sit in a sidecar, and their feet reach the floor, it is legal in Michigan. There is no specific sidecar laws in Michigan, except for the part that any 2 or 3 wheel vehicle that does not meet the requirements for being a cycle car, is a motorcycle. Every sidecar rig therefore is by definition a motorcycle and must meet all motorcycle requirements including helmets, etc. Hope this helps someone. 🙂