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Here's a short video H-D made of me and Archie (my first sidecar sidekick) several years back. He passed in 2010. They edited some stuff a bit out of order. For instance, I signed his paperwork while he was still on the truck, recently arrived at the shelter. Or I'd have missed out. H-D was doing Rider's Stories to play on CC TV in dealerships at the time. The guy who filmed this was from NY and impressed with our wheatland area here. I'm sure this is the first time I've posted this here... Harley-Davidson/Rider Stories: Tom & Archie - video Dailymotion

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Nice video, it's always good to be able to look back and relive some of those fond memories 

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Thanks for sharing.

This gives me inspiration to get my rig finished to take my boy with me.

Merry Christmas, Tom!  I, like you, have a lot of bike/sidecar memories.  They are great to just think about and reminisce about.  Non-riders probably just do not understand.  Have a great holiday!
Gary Shearer


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