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Membership renewal online

Sorry if I am blind and miss some advice somewhere that would tell me how to renew my membership online.
How can I pay my new year's membership fee?
I'd love to join it with buying some stickers or skirt for to make one single payment as I would have to do an international transfer or better Paypal.
Best wishes for Cristmas from Costa Rica.
Sven Peter

The links are found at the top of the home page.

Here is the link to the membership page

Here is the link to the store page

US funds only but PayPal or Credit Cards are accepted

Merry Christmas

Thank You very much Joyce.
Have a nice Christmas eve.

Please jump in Richard,
as dear Joyce isn't among us any more, together with a few other friends who didn't see the new day light, May God bless their souls.

Richard I wasn't able to contact you yesterday with a online shop and renewal question. Its like the page link or my email program didn't work.
After finally I found my Paypal password the first thing to do was to renew my membership quite a little late. and order some stickers...I'll have to add a Too: My other car is a sidecar too.

Richard please be aware that with the Polo shirts in the online shop page are announced 17$ per shirt and in the bill will come up 25$.
It doesn't matter to me, but someone else might make a big story out of it. Please repair the database for to avoid any misunderstandings and not necessary bad blood.

Best wishes and a big thank you for your volunteer work.
Sven Peter

Richard thank you very much for the extremely fast response by PM;


There has arrived a Christmas gift in the post box today....
"My other car is a sidecar TOO."
Thank You very much Richard