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member input requested

after being bombbarded with all the bs from the washington politicions ihate to see it start here. do we really have that many members that we can afford to push them away? wemust from the way they are coming out of the wood work to volunter for all these offices thats why we went so many years without elections. fly

As an associate member of the USCA and the wife of John Kennedy, I agree with your statement that we don't have enough members to want kicking the few out. The lynching my husband was referring to, Dauntless Motors, was his own in regards to the statement made about the wishes of the throwing him out. He did not indicate that it was the lynching of the board. I have dealt with individuals calling my husband names such as ignorant, idiot, bum, etc. for a long period of time. My husband wishes to get Al Roach as secretary was published in the Sidecarist and thus started the battle of the board removing him from office. At one time, I was willing to do this as a temporarily fix because of how broke the USCA was, but I did not know the background of everything that Al Roach maintained and would not volunteer to take such a position. I do believe the Al Roach is a historian and has done a good job. Ed Johnson stated after John was elected to keep Al Roach and now I understand the meaning of this statement. John has always maintained the work of general membership and does want a riding board whether they have a computer or not. He has done this with great humiliation. He is a humble man and trys to do the best job he can. I know that he will be upset for me posting, but enough is enough. In the words of Claude Stanley, why would anyone be removed from their position when there are only 2-3 months left before the election. We all have our faults and John is not the best on the computer, but he does try and he does not know how to use the helpful programs availble. He has come a long way and requires no assistance from me. By-the-way, no one writes for John. Jean Kennedy - Associate Member.

If you take the time to look back through all of my posts on racedis you will find that from the day I first found out about the USCA paying $200 a month for a registrar I have called for this to be changed. Johns position that this all has to do with the election is absurd at least when it comes to why I voted to stop paying. In fact you will find over and over again that I have even gone as far as supporting Al Roach for the job but not paying him. The one thing that I also have insisted on and I did not get enough votes for is for all board members to be on line so that we can get buisness done. I did not get may way on board members having to be on line. So does that give me the right to ignore the board and do my own thing like John Kennedy is doing? I think not. Al Roach is not on line. I do not think I have ever met Al Roach. I have nothing against him one way or the other. I simply think that the club is wasting money to pay him. We have had some one step forward and agree to do it for free if Al Roach is not willing to do so. So far John Kennedy has yet to come up with any argument to keep him that makes an sence to me. The few attempt at supporting his veiw have not been well though out in my opinion and when I have responed to them he either ignors the questions or side steps them. One argument he made I have now asked 4 times for an explination. None has come.
John some how thinks that this is a personal attach on him for supporting a specific canidate. Again if you take a look through my posts on racedis you will see that I even went as far as to say that while I did not think it was apropriate for him to have endorced any specicif canidate that it did not raise to a leval that was worth comenting on. John is trying to turn it personal. I have and will continue to call for any person on the board who is not willing to follow by the boards decision to resign. The odd thing about all of this. I happen to like John. I have met him several times and would still enjoy his company at an event if only he would be willing to show the respect that other elected board members deserve and abide by the majority vote rather then placing him self above it. I hope that John will admit that he is wrong on this one, Appolgize to the member ship for taking the actions that he has and allow us to move on.
As I see it this is an issue that for what ever reason the President of the USCA feels that he is above the board. This is wrong. It is showing a clear lack of respect for the board and calling to have a person lynched in my part of the country is enough to have a person jailed for conspircy to commit murder. A felony.
As I have asked time and time again from John. Explain where in the consitution that it give him the right to ignore the board. Also I keep asking John to explain several other of his arguments that make no sence to me and do date he has chosen not to.
I have had many emails asking me why John will not tell his side of the story.
I think it is becouse he knows he does not have a leg to stand on and is trying to muddy the issue.
This has nothing at all to do with elections other then the board decieded to take action before nominations closed in case Al Roach did not want to continue on with out pay. Of course this would not have been a problem but John for what ever reason deciede to ignore the board for two weeks and stall untill after nomintions closed.
Jay Giese

Also why are you attaching my buisness? I have worked hard to keep my buisness Dauntless Motors Corporation and my position on the board seperate entitys. I have not posted ever as Dauntless Motors Corporation on any issues with regaurd to the USCA.
This is simply a cheap shot.
Jay Giese

Cheap shot. Go to the 'racedis files' and you will see that you post as
Dauntless. Not as Jay or you USCA# when these files get posted folks will spot this. Just the facts.
I appericate you business being first, I see that all the time when you post on SCT. Drop the smoke, and tell these nice folks that youall had a backroom board meeting that was illegal to try and railroad the president.
I will say that youall have done well. And as long as youall can keep the files in the back room you will do fine. YIC John