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Member Cards

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Hi There, I received my new member cards in the mail ... problem is they are both for me although one says Wayne and the other says Wayne E. That is me twice ... I must have made a mistake somewhere when filling out the form to join because I would like my wife Marianne (associate) to have her card. Thanks for your time and effort ...

Wayne Shunamon

Your post has been forwarded to our membership guy. He'll get it fixed. 'Sorry for the inconvenience.

Wayne - What is the name of your associate? That makes it easier to issue a card in that name... Thanks, ~Steve

Age must be catching up to you Steve.... He says above his wife's name is Marianne (you might want to check his post to verify the spelling.) Hope all is good on your homestead!!

Marianne is the wife also known as associate or significant other etc ... lol ...

Thanks for your time and effort,

No inconvenience, just funny stuff ... we deal with it and move on ...

Yeah, I saw it just after I poste my comment. Then I deleted my comment - I thought! In any case, the new card is in today's mail.


Thank You ...

Lost my Member card.  How do I find my member ID #?

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