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March / April Sidecarist


OK!  Good to hear from you.

Tom, are you planning on going to Arkansas in June?  Wanda and I are making our plans on going with the bike and sidecar, but have not made any motel reservations yet and have not paid our registration fees.  We will leave Mena and visit family in Iowa and Nebraska before heading home.  This damn Covid crap has caused a lot of turmoil; Wanda had reservations paid in New York LAST YEAR, but they cancelled it.  Her airline let her hold her flight until this year.  She then registered again and they cancelled again this year, already.  Unknown what UNITED AL will do.

Enough of that; my sidecar is in the paint shop for repairing minor imperfections in the fiberglass and then getting a gloss black paint to match the bike.  Now I am going to have to polish the bike!


Sounds like some good plans Gary. I don't have any plans due to not knowing when covid will be a thing of the past. Then recently some health issues caught up to me. Working through getting beyond those.

Tom Wells aka Reardan Tom