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March / April Sidecarist


March  /  April  Sidecarist will be going to the 🐕 dogs.  So get your stories and pictures to the editor.   January  /  February. Sidecarist  left the printer first week in December,  it's in the hands of the post office when we get it.

Dave USCA president 

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so remind me, what is the best way to submit something for consideration. what size do the pictures need to be 

To submit content for The Sidecarist...

  1. Text may be sent in most popular formats.
  2. Photos should be the largest file size that you have, preferably RAW format.  Jpg, Gif and Tif formats are also OK, just save the file in the original resolution remembering that high resolution images make the best reproductions
  3. Send your content to <> with images as attachments.

You should expect some lag between submission and publication.  There is no guaranty that your content will be published, that's up to the editor.  Your content may be edited for any of a number of reasons including but not limited to, prohibited content, length, spelling and grammatical errors, readability. 

When sending in content, be your own editor.  Reread your content and look for things that don't contribute to the story you're telling and remove them.  Add anything that makes your story a better read.  Remember some of the bad articles you've read in the past, passages like "we started on Hwy 64 and then turned left on to 419 until we got to 19 West and stopped that the McDonalds". Unless you're giving driving directions, there's no need for a turn by turn list of the roads you used.  Saying something like, "we rode the length of NC 115/129, The Tail of the Dragon" is much better. 

While we're at it, your story will be better if you don't tell us what you ate and where you stopped for every meal.  IF there's an outstanding place you feel others would like, add it in for sure. The only McDonalds that I've ever seen that rated mention was the one in Nova Scotia that served excellent lobster rolls.  Your mileage may vary.

Don't let any of this stop you from sending in your content.  That's why we have an editor, he'll fix your story so it will be a good read and EVERYONE who drives a sidecar wants to hear about your sidecar adventures.

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Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

OK one more question for clarification. are you planning to do a few small articles about our fur buddies that ride with us or stories about an adventure 

YES, but get them in NOW just talked to editor might be pushing up dead lines.  Sidecarist was taking 10 -14 days from printing to get out now takes month +

Dave USCA president

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YES what, short article or longer story 


he is looking for pictures and stories all the time.  Right now he is putting the dogs in sidecars one together.   But he stock piles stuff for the lean times.

Dave USCA president


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OK got it 

Gary Shearer here.

Two months ago the Sidecarist left the printers?  How long does it take to get to Oregon?  Tomorrow is January 31, still no magazine.

Hi Gary, Tom here. You should get yours any day. I received mine last week. Good luck!!