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Mandatory helmet law

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I guess to each his or her freedome to make there own choice. We have enough government mandated things that cost us more than we need to pay. But I also choose to were protective gear including a mesh coat when the temps get hot. A helmet is also a good choice especilly in city driving or at lower speeds it is always good to protect what brains you do have. They come in handy when you need to make a decision. An aquentance of mine was bumped from behind by a car and fell to the side bumped his head on the sidewalk and only had minor cuts and bruses but is living with brain damage and needs to be taken care of and will for the rest of his life. He usually wore his helmet when riding but did not have it on to go around the block.

I have had a few accidents that were at slower speeds and would have been a lot worse if I was not wearing protective gear. Sometimes fatal would be better. I have heard that stupid hurts and I know that is true from personal experiance. But we all should have the choice to do what we think is the right thing for us and those that are in our spheer of influance. The man should not have the atuhority to make our choices for us unless it involves the well being of someone that can not make there own choices that have no one to help them make them for them.

Have a Great Day!
Ed T.

well what its really all about is the cost to the taxpayer to take care of those who get hurt and need help the rest of there lives.

the staticians say that wearing helmets saves the government a lot of money - so they want folks to wear helmets

the states that have banned cell phones in cars and the trucking industry that has banned hand held phones in trucks are doing it because it saves them money

helmet laws have nothing to do with personal freedom and everything to do with who has to pay the bill for the injured


They neglect to say if a fatality was wearing a helmet. Should show both sides of a story. J.R. Tex rep

They also neglect to say if they died from a head injury, or blunt force trauma.

Let those who ride decide. Loud pipes save lives. Mandatory. Etc. Etc. Yadda Yadda Yadda. All alot of noise and fodder.
Imagine going to a motorcycle race, MotoGP, WSB, AMA, MotoX, SuperX, Flat Track, IOM - Sidecar Races and no one was wearing a helmet? Every racer was in a tee shirt and sneakers. Would you think that was Ok?
So what is the difference on the street? How about some ReeBok Wheelie Slippers?
Don't really care what you say or do....

I'll be wearing my gear, Shoei helmet, Vanson - w/armor, Held Gloves, AlpineStar boots, etc. etc. Love my StoneLake Leathers too.

I walked away from hitting a deer at 50 mph. Was it my gear or my Guardian Angel? Maybe a little of both !! Lived to tell the tale. And not much of a tale to tell !!

Main difference is that in racing everyone's going the same way on the same course at about the same speed. Plus they're focused upon driving.

Not so on the road.

So are you saying it is safer? So they should be wearing Reebok Wheelie Slippers and tee shirts at the race track? Drag racers wear full suits, etc., only 2 on the track going in the same direction, about the same speed.

Herein lies the argumentative conversation. Here it comes !!

With all the gear, the AMA and riders still decided to not race at Loudon, NH. Too dangerous. No run off. NASCAR walls. etc.

If bicyclists should wear helmets, should not motorcyclists?

If you take a rider safety course, your insurance company gives you a discount. Funny, they don't give discounts for wearing helmets..... Bad actuaries.....

So what is the threshold of when your head hits something and you get a concussion? I don't think pro football players should wear helmets either. You know, since they have been wearing better helmets, they use their heads as tackling equipment resulting in some really bad result.

It's all crazy.

I don't know about yous guys, but, I'll be wearing my stuff.

Happy trails !! Be safe !!

2 week ago i riped of with the Ural's left back flasher the bumper of a Nissan Xtrail. that was the 3 contact to another vehicle in 32 years bike riding. and perhaps the 8th ocassion I had a misshap on a bike.So should I think about not to use protection gear? I don't think so. I prefer to sweat under my back protector and heavy gear just for in case. The 2 occasions the sline protector in 28 years wearing it. were well paid off and I am glad not to ride in a wheel chair...
Someone once offered me his fists to pass through my face because in town I asked him to use a helmet. I still think he was the dummy not me.

We see here in Costa Rica at least once a week some young show off going 2 yards under ground because of stupidities. Sadly there is not any medicine available against stupidity.
Simple plain fact.

Im an old school biker, been riding since the early fifties, we never used to wear helmets, but in 1994 I had a wreck in the mountains north of Ojai, Ca. Thank God I had a helmet on, went flying off the side of the road, and landed on my left side and noggin, the helmet was cracked but no head damage, just broken ribs, broken collar bone, and a broken knee, am now wearing a helmet everytime I throw a leg over. I am now riding a VStar 1100 with a california Hack

I had an accident in October, 2013. I was riding my ATV, when suddenly I blacked out and fell off onto the rocky dirt road. My pant leg caught on my foot peg and I was drug 10 ft, all the while my head was bouncing along on the rocks. I suffered a concussion, but if I had not had a helmet on, I most likely would have suffered brain damage, or death. I never ride my motorcycle or my ATV without a helmet.

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