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Mandatory helmet law

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There have been several attempts by various motorcycle groups to abolish the mandatory helmet law. So far this hasn't happened. Also there have been several attempts to change the law so that motorcyclists that approach a left turn lane that has a stop light that won't change to be allowed to proceed left after coming to a full stop and going through a full cycle of the light. The legislature has adjourned for the year, but these two items will be brought before it in the spring. Idaho, the adjoining state has a helmet law that restricts riders or passengers 18 years and under to wear helmets. They also have a law that allows left turns at an intersection where the light doesn't change for motorcycles. They can turn left after stopping and going through a full cycle of the traffic light.

The State Patrol and other police agencies are still pressing for a full helmet law in Idaho.
Even though there is no adult helmet law, anytime there is an accident involving a motorcycle the spokesperson always states if the motorcycle rider was not wearing a helmet. Regardless of what injuries may have been sustained. The Statesman had a front page article this week that was pushing for helmet laws.

Let those who ride decide!


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Mike Donohue

Lonnie, the first time I disagree with you in all these years.
It is darn ugly to give last auxilliary help.
The kid I had to help over the egde even had a helmet on, but too loose, so it flew off as he hit the car of a teacher who jumped a stop sign.
I can still remind his flight of 18m in front of me. And my officer vomating for 3 weeks.
No, its an ugly situation I do not like to repeat. It happens here daily that kids loose their life showing off without helmet, badly secured ones or wearing it pushed up above their neck.
One old fart (45-50) even offered me his fists to clean my face as I asked him to use a helmet downtown in tight traffic.

Yes, its everybodies own decision what to do with their lifes, but it is a very ugly situation for the others who have to clean up afterwards.

In the heat of the summer here one often sees riders in flip flops, shorts and tank tops riding but they have their helmet on! Oblivious to how much of their body is unprotected. But that aside, in 1996 we lost a very good friend to a bike accident while riding in Montana. She was wearing a helmet. I've always been thankful that she was to alleviate the "if only she'd been wearing a helmet" from the conversation. And to keep that thought out of our minds for the rest of our lives. It was a fatal accident. Period. No "if only"s... Well, that's not true either. If only we'd have stopped earlier. If only we'd taken another route... If only...

In 1986 , my girlfriend Billie Leonard was riding her motorcycle in Spokane. She had just turned off a major arterial on 57th and headed down a two lane hill on Hatch rd. She had entered the first curve at about 20 miles an hour and suddenly a car that was speeding up hill at 65mph (according to the police) saw her and braked and slid across the road and slammed into her, throwing her up in the air 6 feet (according to witnesses) and when she came slamming to the ground, she hit the back of her head on the pavement. She had just purchased a brand new Bell Magnum helmet the week before. It was credited with saving her life. She also suffered a broken leg and crushed ankle, but is able to ride her motorcycle with a sidecar on it to this day. Some people are not so lucky , a friend of hers had a motorcycle accident where a flatbed truck pulled out in front of her with no warning and she slammed in to it and was killed instantly. She was wearing a helmet, but it didn't help. Her neck was broken. But I must say that we still wear our helmets every time that we ride regardless of the state laws. Helmets don't save everyone, but they give the majority of us a better chance.

I'm not trying to put anyone down, that decides not to wear a helmet, but I kind of think of it as survival of the fittist. Those that choose to wear a helmet have a better chance of surviving. I also feel the same about seat belts, if people are smart enough to use the safety equipment, they have a better chance to live another day. That said I still refuse to wear a jacket in 100 degree weather, and instead ware a long sleeve blue jean shirt. I support the choice any one makes, and don't think the government should tell us what we have to do for our own good.

Exactly Lloyd!!

Not to change the subject, but why don't the police and news media report if the person who is involved in an auto accident report if they were on a cell phone? They never hesitate to tell if a motorcyclist was wearing a helmet, yet never ever report if an auto accident was caused by the driver using a cell phone. A good percentage of the auto accidents here in Idaho are caused by drivers crossing the center line and striking the driver in the on coming lane. We have even seen motorcyclists here that are talking on a cell phone while riding their motorcycles. They hold on to the phone with one hand and the handlebar with the other. Scary!

Lloyd, I concur wholeheartedly with everything you've said but I wear a full face helmet every time I ride.

I agree Bob, and always wear a full face helmet, boots, and gloves when ever I ride. The only thing I won't wear is jacket in very hot weather, it is just too hot. I love this cooler weather we a getting now in Texas, and have been wearing a leather jacket for the last couple of weeks, love it.

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