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Lowering a Ural

Hi all. I'm having a Ural sidecar hung on my Ultra. I have been told that I should have it "lowered" for cosmetic purposes. Do you know what that will do to the ride, or handling? Just what does lowering entail? I could use some info on this subject from the members of this forum so I can speak to the professional installer about it with a bit of savey. You all helped me to decide on this car for the arthritic wife to get into and out of with ease. I'm back again for more help. will the height of the car make it any easier for her?

How far down? You've got a lot of clearance. With your bike, I'd pick up a Harley rim and just swap the bearings with something that will fit the Ural axle. You may have to use a couple shims to bring it out for clearence. Depending on the tire you use, it can make a big difference.
Switching the 19" on my original Dnepr with a Suzuki 18" and a square profile tire brought it down nearly 2 inches. Switching to a 16" should make your buddy happy and not alter the ride in the least.

Mike's question of 'how much' is a good one. Urals and Dneprs can be lowered a ton if desired through suspension mods and become really sharp looking sidecars on the right bike. An option that goes along with this is to mount the fender onto the swingarm. This provides a means to mount it with minimal clearance to th esidecar tires as you do not have toi alllow for suspension travel. Swapping out the spindle is possible ..changing to an automotive wheel is possible...a tilt system can be built in easily ..etc etc... Urals and that typs of chair are easily modified in many ways . The 'look' of them as well as ease of entry can be changed drastically.