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Looking for starter sidecar


We have NOS Sputnik sidecars $3295 including proper bike specific NOT universal mounts. At this link you can see what this is important for your bike
We also offer proper mounts for any used sidecar you may find.
Jay G
DMC sidecars

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I have a 2007 Vstar 1100 classic with Ural sidecar for sale. I have reduced the price to $6000. It will be relocated to Palatka FL next week; we're moving. I would consider selling the sidecar separately with the mounting hardware which is basically a universal mounting system. Depending on the bike you would attach it to, the struts might need to be lengthened or shortened, although they are adjustable about 2.75 in or out. I'd let the sidecar go for $2000 plus shipping which you would need to take care of. Not knowing your location, shipping might be an issue. Hope this helps. John

I have an 01 883C with an 80ish Velorex 562 . Love the combo and Aiden and I have been running it since July 2011. We did a 1400 mile round trip to The tail of the Dragon and had a blast riding the Dragon several times as well as all the surrounding byways. After a new ignition/timing box and a little tuning I can maintain 80 MPH on the highway and done some minor mods to the sidecar just because I could.

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