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Looking for sidecar for V-Strom

I'm hoping to find a used sidecar that would look good on my V-Strom. No specific make or model.
Florida, Ga, AL or near. What have you got?

My other rig is a Ural Deco Classic.


We have nothing used, we have new sidecars that come with mounts for the V strom that start at $3995 for the M72B. For your V Strom you need to make sure that what ever sidecar you go with can not only be mounted to your bike but is strong enough for your bike. I know of one person who using our mounts hooked up a Cozy sidecar (big mistake) and the first time they took it off road it folded up, just not a strong enough sidecar. Same would hold true for Velorex or spirit eagle type sidecars.
For your V strom not only do we offer bike specific mounts we also offer what we call "leading legs" which bolt to the bottom of the forks lowering the steering effort. I have attached a photo of one of our sidecars. If you look at the front end you will see the leading legs.
Jay G
DMC sidecars

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