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Looking for Rider Partner in Cherry Hill, NJ Area

My wife and I are looking for fellow sidecarists to ride with. We live in Cherry Hill, NJ. Own a 2005 Yamaha Royal Star Venture with Hannigan sidecar. Interests include touring, eating, ice cream and day trips throughout the NJ, PA, NY, DE, MD area. Would be happy to ride anywhere within those areas to meet up.

Hi SidecarRob,

We are new to this forum.  I know that you posted this almost 5 years ago, but if still have your sidecar and like riding, we are right outside of NE Philly..  We have a 1995 HD Ultra Classic w/ Factory Ultra Sidecar and like riding with my wife and daughter.  We find ourselves to be the only sidecar in the region- I've been on charity rides with 400+ bikes and have been the only sidecar.

If you guys are no longer riding and don't want to be bothered by this post reply, we appreciate that also.



215-815-1300 cell/text


Are you willing to relocate to NW Iowa?  We went through Philly last year on U.S. 30.  Just wanted to ride U.S. 30 from central Iowa to Atlantic City, NJ.  I was able to fit in a seminar in Pennsylvania and the USCA rally in Rising Sun, IN as a part of the trip.

Wish I could, but family and work has me tied to the Philly area for at least the next decade.  Hoping to make it to a rally in the future- Midwest would probably be the farthest I could travel (OH), or south a bit.